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Elizabeth of York: The Forgotten Tudor Queen

Elizabeth of York: The Forgotten Tudor Queen - Amy Licence

This really wasn't about Elizabeth of York, it was a rehash of the Wars of the Roses and what her life might possibly have been like both during and after. It touches on the main events of her life including her possible affair with Richard III and the emergence of Perkin Warbeck as pretender to the throne but there is no evidence of any of the suppositions made about what she did, how she was feeling and the like. The author also has an irritating habit of repeating herself almost verbatim. So all in all, if you don't know much about the period this could be an interesting read but if you are looking for a biography of Elizabeth of York with supporting evidence you will have to look elsewhere. I found the book disappointing.


Edit: On reading this a second time I actually enjoyed it more and have consequently revised my star rating.