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The Growing Season
Helen Sedgwick
When Christ and His Saints Slept (Eleanor of Aquitaine Trilogy 1)
Sharon Penman
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Lara Elena Donnelly
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The Binding
Bridget Collins
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The Decameron
G.H. McWilliam, Giovanni Boccaccio
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TBR progress update

So, this is how I'm getting on with my tbr:


  1. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages -Tom Holt finished
  2. The Burning Time: The Story of the Smithfield Martyrs -Virginia Rounding 24/459p
  3. The Dark Circle – Linda Grant tbs
  4. The Crimson Ribbon –Katherine Clements tbs
  5. Future Home of the Living God – Louise Erdrich finished
  6. The Annihilation Score – Charles Stross tbs
  7. May Contain Traces of Magic – Tom Holt (I will read this at a later date when I have read the others in the series)
  8. The Uploaded ­ Ferret Steinmetz returned
  9. 84K – Claire North tbs
  10. Year One – Nora Roberts tbs
  11. The End of the Day – Claire North tbs
  12. Coming Home – Jack McDevitt tbs
  13. Uprooted – Naomi Novik tbs
  14. The World Without US – Alan Weisman 160/587p
  15. Roxana – Daniel Defoe 136/396p
  16. Elizabeth’s Rival – Nicola Tallis 106/352p
  17. The Passage – Justin Cronin 400/785p
  18. Dark Eden – Chris Beckett 72/450p
  19. Borne ­­- Jeff Vandemeer tbs
  20. Spaceman of Bohemia - Jaroslav Kalfar tbs
  21. Dreams Before the Start of Time – Anne Charnock tbs
  22. Die vierte Zeugin – Various



Tbs – to be started


And I've just remembered that I really should slip in some German reading too so I started die vierte Zeugin yesterday. You may also observe that some other books have sneaked on to the list. Well, I took 3 books back to the library today and came out with 5 more. Oh dear...