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Only People with Small Books Say Size Doesn't Matter.

— feeling evil grin

How do you guys feel about reading BIG books? I know a lot of people find them intimidating but I love the prospect of tucking in to a really fat book and getting lost in it. I have read a few this year:


Sarum - Edward Rutherfurd  clocks in at over 1000 pages, I believe.A favourite of mine and one which I have read multiple times


Seveneves - Neal Stephenson almost 900 pages. Also a favourite and I have read it twice.


Gnomon - Nick Harkaway nearly 700 pages. Not a favourite but I would read the author again and


Ultima - Stephen Baxter at 550 pages.


In addition I have just bought

Pandora's Star - Peter F. Hamilton which clocks in at 1151 pages and I hope to get to really soon.


Aside from these biggies I like to read books that have at least 300 pages or I feel a little cheated. Yes, I do agree, that is entirely the wrong attitude but it is hard to shake. So what do people in general think? What is a big book to you?