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Oops, I Did it Again

  I succumbed to a book buying urge. I really, really wanted to reduce the number of physical books I own because of a lack of shelf space. I decided that for every book I bought I had to get rid of two. And I was doing so well...so well...but then I watched booktube and came across so many books that sounded interesting. There were three I thought sounded really good so I went in to town and came back with two completely different books. So far, not so bad. But in the book shop I saw quite a few that I hadn't heard of. I spent the rest of our bank holiday fighting the urge to go back to the shop. By Tuesday morning I had lost the battle and off I went. I spent a lot of money on lovely new pristine books, then ordered a couple more from Amazon. I'm really hoping this is out of my system now. Tomorrow I need to do some SERIOUS culling.