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The Favourite: The Life of Sarah Churchill and the History Behind the Major Motion Picture
Ophelia Field
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Doctor Who: Scratchman: 4th Doctor Novel
Macmillan Digital Audio, David Baker, David Baker
When Christ and His Saints Slept (Eleanor of Aquitaine Trilogy 1)
Sharon Penman
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Amberlough (The Amberlough Dossier #1)
Lara Elena Donnelly
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The Binding
Bridget Collins
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The Decameron
G.H. McWilliam, Giovanni Boccaccio
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My Reading Goals for 2018

— feeling big smile

Not really any change to the goals for 2018. I'm still aiming for 60 books, but I'm not imposing the German/classics/non-fiction part again. I am simply going to read whatever I feel like for pleasure but I will keep track of those categories still


Here's to 2018 - CHEERS!