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Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress: Or, a History of the Life and Vast Variety of Fortunes of Mademoiselle de Beleau, Afterwards Called the Countess de Wintselsheim in Germany, Being the Person Known by the Name of the Lady Roxana in the Time of Charles II
Daniel Defoe
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Elizabeth's Rival: The Tumultuous Life of the Countess of Leicester: The Romance and Conspiracy that Threatened Queen Elizabeth's Court
Nicola Tallis
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The World Without Us
Alan Weisman
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Italian Short Stories For Beginners: 8 Unconventional Short Stories to Grow Your Vocabulary and Learn Italian the Fun Way!
Olly Richards
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59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot - Richard Wiseman

Interesting but nothing here so far that has changed my life. The author quotes an awful lot of American studies but I can't help thinking that American psychology differs from English psychology somewhat. Not hugely but enough to change the outcome of some of the experiments in the book, surely? There must be a wealth of data about British experiments so why use American data most of the time?