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AchtNacht: Thriller - Sebastian Fitzek

Based on the film The Purge I thought the premise for this book sounded interesting so why not treat myself, I thought, I'm worth it! So far I'm not disappointed. Ben lives in Berlin. He is a 39 year old ex band member who is amicably estranged from his wife and has a daughter lying in hospital in a coma after a suicide attempt. While walking home one night he sees his face on a larger than life screen but just doesn't know what is going on. So he gets out his phone and discovers that he has become the most wanted man in Germany for the next twelve hours. He is one of the targets of a 'government approved' game called the AchtNacht (the 8 night - so called because it starts on the 8th. August at 8.08pm) in which his name has been drawn from a countrywide lottery. He has been declared an outlaw and anyone can capture, maim or kill him for the next twelve hours without legal consequences. No one in their right mind believes the game to be legit, unfortunately there seem to be plenty of people not in their right minds and the 10 million Euro reward isn't helping. 


The start is a bit slow but it has picked up pace and I'm enjoying it more than the last one of his I read.