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I Will Fear No Evil - Robert A. Heinlein

Oh dear, this is not going as well as expected!

I'm sure I'm not really spoiling it for anyone if I say that so far Johann has woken up in his secretary's body. Ok, so I remember that but what I don't remember is the lack of depth to the story. The characters are soooo one dimensional! Eunice is a sex fiend and gets what she wants by manipulating men (and women) with the promise of sexual favours. It seems that as far as she is concerned EVERYTHING can be solved using her physical charms. Although I consider myself to be pretty liberal and certainly not some radical feminist I am finding this character rather...offensive, is probably the word I am looking for. The men aren't any better, they all respond to this in the same primitive way - they give her what she wants because she is beautiful and kisses them. Ok, so with 2 people inhabiting one body, sexual behaviour can get rather complicated, especially when one is a man and one is a woman but this could have been exploited to the plot's advantage, that would at least have made it more interesting. Instead, the body is still driven by Eunice while Johann takes a back seat and just goes along for the ride.

I just don't know...let's see how I feel at the end. At the moment it is all rather repetitive.