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Reading Challenge update - January 2017

His Bloody Project - Graeme Macrae Burnet The Hanging of Mary Ann - Angela Badger Amokspiel - Sebastian Fitzek Year of Wonders - Geraldine Brooks Nutshell: A Novel - Ian McEwan Cold Earth: A Shetland Mystery (Shetland Island Mysteries) - Ann Cleeves
— feeling amazing

It's been a good reading month for me. I've been feeling generous so there are some five star reads in there. Classics and non-fiction fell by the wayside (no surprise there) but I did manage a book in German so I'm pleased with that.


So, my January reads:


His Bloody Project

Not really sure if I could include this one as I finished it on January 1st (feels like a bit of a cheat to me). I thought it was a true story at first and when I found out it wasn't I was impressed by the author's skill in capturing the writing style of the day.


The Hanging of Mary Ann

Another sad story of a woman being made example of. Simply because she was a woman.



Not the best Fitzek I have read. It was full of clichés but entertaining.



I confess to not being Ian McEwan's biggest fan but I loved this wine-swilling, philosophizing baby.


Year of Wonders

The book was rich in language and culture. Loosely based on true events, it inspired a little research on my part in to the events in Eyam in 1665.


And the disappointment of the month award goes to ...


Cold Earth

The strong and silent Jimmy Perez has disappeared from Shetland and in his place we have a flat character who seems to be handing over the reins to his girlfriend. The story was formulaic and there wasn't an original character on the island. Glad I only borrowed it!


Just to complete the stats that's a total of 1465 pages read (excluding His Bloody Project) at an average of 47 pages a day.