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The Commonwealth of Thieves: The Story of the Founding of Australia - Thomas Keneally

I was watching a rerun of Banished the other day on TV and realized how little I knew about the first convicts who were sent to Australia. So, once again, Amazon is my friend. After a very little searching I came up with this book and Fatal Shores and within a few days I started to learn. I am surprised at just how much there is to learn in fact. I really new nothing about it except they were sent to Australia. So far the reasons have been covered and the first year. What was only briefly covered which I found disappointing, was the journey itself. Eight months and 700 people in 11 small vessels must have thrown up a lot more material than has been covered here. Maybe that is a whole different book, I don't know. I am enjoying it although December is turning out to be a slow reading month because of Christmas preparations and work load.