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A Sleepless Night.

A Twist of the Knife - Peter James

I like Peter James, his protagonists always meet a suitably grisly end, so I was pleased to find this book on offer for my Kobo. I snapped it up, and then forgot about it (more fool me). Not being able to sleep last night and not fancying the trials and tribulations of a slave girl (as good as the book is) at 3 a.m. I browsed through my library and rediscovered this book. That'll do thinks I, not considering that he probably isn't the author to read when you can't sleep! Anyway, I have the first two stories under my belt and he doesn't disappoint.



12 Bolingbroke Avenue


A young wife is tormented by jealousy when her husband falls for a colleague. She jumps at the chance to move away and seperate him from the object of his desire when he is offered a promotion in a branch of his bank in Sussex. As house-hunting commences she recognises a house she has had recurrent nightmares about for years and as she knocks on the door, she is not the only one in for a shock.


Not an especially original story but a good start to the collection.



Number 13


A particularly vicious restaurant critic with a fear of the number 13 is served his just desserts when he is invited to a private dining club on Friday 13th. hosted by 12 exceptionally disgruntled chefs. 13 indeed proves to be unlucky for him, he really should have stayed in bed.


Really liked this one. It is deliciously evil.