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Plague Year: The Author's Cut

Plague Year: The Author's Cut - Jeff  Carlson A nano plague, invented to help cure cancer, escapes from the lab before it has been fully developed and decimates the population of the world within days. The only survivors are the people who made it above 10,000 feet in time. Since then they have been living off what little remains of the fauna, what they can scrounge on their short trips below the limit and each other. Scientists are working to create a vaccine but not everyone has the same agenda...

I can't compare this edition to the original, it has more pages but never having read the original I don't know if they add anything to the story or not. The story itself is well written and quite plausible but the kindle version has some serious proof-reading issues: words missed out, extra words added, wrong sentence order. In some cases it was so bad that even after reading a sentence for a second or third time, I still couldn't make sense of it. It totally spoilt the flow. Still, the story was good, comparable to [b:Prey|83763|Prey|Michael Crichton|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1298436337s/83763.jpg|1258566] if lacking the pace and I have downloaded the sequel [b:Plague War|2286329|Plague War (Plague, #2)|Jeff Carlson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348469715s/2286329.jpg|10571903], I hope that there are no similar issues with this one.