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The Monster Collection
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Roald Dahl
Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How It Changed the World
Laura Spinney
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The Favourite: The Life of Sarah Churchill and the History Behind the Major Motion Picture
Ophelia Field
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When Christ and His Saints Slept (Eleanor of Aquitaine Trilogy 1)
Sharon Penman
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Amberlough (The Amberlough Dossier #1)
Lara Elena Donnelly
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The Binding
Bridget Collins
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The Decameron
G.H. McWilliam, Giovanni Boccaccio
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How do I get in touch with a librarian?

I put B01EG5HKXO in to the search box and it came up with no results. So I searched for the book titie which is Michelle Paver's 'Thin Air' which came back with two editions: hardcover and paperback. I then tried to add a new kindle edition with the above ASIN and I got a message to say that a title with this ASIN already exists! Help?