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Skendleby - Nick   Brown

Something evil escapes a burial mound when some archaeologists decide to open it as the crowning glory of their so far unsuccessful dig. The ancient evil takes over a depressed young woman but then is exorcised by the local pretty witch who warned them against opening the grave in the first place. The evil entity has no where to go but back to the burial mound where the archaeologists reclose the mound and banish the evil forever. Or do they? Find out in the next unexciting instalment of the story. However, you will be alone in reading it, I think, my life is too precious to waste on more of this drivel. This kind of story isn't new and it has been done much better. It didn't give me the creeps in the slightest. There was too much dialogue and not enough atmosphere and I don't think there was an original idea in there. I had hoped for more.